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Using Nature to Heal Grief

wood bench in a park surrounded by flowers and greenery

If you watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can’t help but learn.
~ Bernie Seigal, M.D.

Grieving the loss of a loved one can be a lengthy process, and it’s different for everyone, even when the cause of the grief is the same.Nature is infinitely powerful; it can do both, create and destroy. But, it can also heal and regenerate. Let’s take an insight into how nature can help us heal from grief

Take a Grief Walk

Grief walking is a way of using physical activity as a way to overcome grief. One might think of a person who has been lost to death while walking. Remembering a person while doing a physical activity establishes a kind of spiritual connection with nature.

Explore Favorite Places

Visit places and landscapes, which attract you and/or were the favorite of the person you have lost. This place can be anything from a forest to a river bank to a beach or even a mountain top. Such places may be extremely helpful in providing mental peace and soothing your heart.

Create a Sacred Space

Find or create a spot outdoors where you can go and talk to your loved one, where you can be alone together in nature. Connecting with nature is connecting with the spirit world, and the peace and clarity it brings us gives us an opportunity to get closer to the loved one who passed.

Plant a Tree In Honor of Their Life

You may have heard of planting a tree in celebration of a birth. I think the same logic applies for a death. The tree symbolizes not the fact that your loved one has died, but that he or she lived.

Plant a tree, or a rose bush, or plants with flowers that return every year. This could symbolize the growth of the new relationship in its new form, but also, this gives you something to physically nurture and tend to.

Or Consider a flowering tree. When the tree blossoms every year, the branches can be brought into the house, symbolizing the celebration of that life.

Finding ways to honor our deceased loved ones is an important part of learning to live with their death. It gives us an opportunity to continue to bestow our love upon them, and it sends a message to them and to the rest of the world about how much we loved them then, and how very much we still love them now.

Seek out New Ways to Connect with Nature

Just as nature has infinite possibilities, people may come up with infinite ways of connecting with it. Each person might have a unique idea to connect with nature so that he/she can seek its help for overcoming sorrow. There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way of connecting with Mother Nature, and she treats all her children equally.

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