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Kathy Peters


Kathy Peters is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has been the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for numerous companies and not-for-profit independent schools during the past thirty-five years, managing the organizations’ accounting, finances and investments, as well as operational functions such as facilities, food service, Emergency Response Teams and health centers.

Kathy began her career with the international accounting firm of Arthur Andersen, and continued her profession as a CFO for several private companies. She was the Director of the Small Business Development Center in Phoenix, consulting with over 3,000 clients in all areas of accounting and finance, while developing and managing the program’s four outreach locations. Areas of her experience range from budgeting, cash flow and profitability analysis to managing the financial and logistical components of a three hundred million dollar resort construction project in Scottsdale, Arizona. Kathy later became involved with independent schools, acting as CFO for two organizations for twenty years in the Phoenix area.

Kathy has managed her own consulting practice for the past seven years. Kathy is past President of the Business Officers Association of the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS), the association through which many independent schools in the Southwest are accredited. She was also on the Board of the National Business Officers Association (NBOA), which supports the role of independent school business officers and focuses on financial and operational solutions for independent schools. NBOA’s membership includes over 1,200 schools from every region in the country as well as numerous international schools. Kathy was also a member of the Association of Business Officers of Independent Schools (ABOIS), which was formed to enhance the professional development of experienced independent school business officers. Membership in ABOIS is limited to only 30 business officers nationwide. She has also been on the boards of numerous service and philanthropic organizations in the Phoenix area.

Kathy grew up in Arizona and has been married to Michael for over 20 years. She has two children, four grandchildren and enjoys spending downtime hiking, gardening and playing with her other “child” – a Beagle named Lacy.