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What does a Grief Support Advocate do?

A Grief Support Advocate provides loving guidance and heartfelt listening designed to help an individual work through the various stages of grief and the range of emotions they are experiencing after losing a loved one by suicide. They provide the bereaved with an avenue to discuss their feelings and emotions, helping them discover ways to ease the grieving process.


How is a Grief Support Advocate compensated?

Standing Tall compensates our grief supporters $200 for four 1-hour sessions ($50 each session) for each client via our scholarship program.


How Are the Grief Support Sessions Conducted?

Zoom, Skype or other Video chat software you might use.


How long is each grief support session?

45 – 60 minutes


How many clients am I agreeing to support?

One or more clients at a time, and there is NO ongoing obligation to take on additional clients. However, you can support as many clients as you choose.


Do I need to have Liability Insurance?

It is recommended that you have some form of liability insurance. You may already have liability insurance through your organization or your place of work.


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