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Colleen Schuerlein


Colleen Schuerlein is a minister, author, consultant and team builder. She has a lifetime of experience connecting community, producing successful fund raisers and growing volunteer programs. Colleen is by all accounts an inspirational and accountable manager of relationships, people and projects. She has developed numerous fund raising programs, and trained and managed hundreds of participants, volunteers and team leaders for local, national and international events.

Colleen was the director of the Prosperity Plus Programs for 11 years with Brave Thinking Institute.

She has 15 years experience producing events with nationally known artists including Mary Morrissey, Marianne Williamson, Mark Victor Hansen, Father Leo Booth, Kenny Loggins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, The Neville Brothers, Dr. Michael Beckwith, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Alan Cohen,  Dr. Harry Morgan Moses, Gary Zukav, and many more.

She recruited, trained and lead volunteer teams in building a Habitat for Humanity home, obtained a real estate license and worked for 10 years as a construction manager – receiving the Seattle Master Builders MAME Award for the best custom home.

Colleen has co-created 28 distinct and ongoing fundraising events and co-developed the first recycling center on Orcas Island.

In 1997, she was part of the Synthesis Project, a summit of world leaders including His Holiness the Dalai Lama that was held at his home in Dharmasala, India.  She has helped facilitate pilgrimages to sacred sites around the globe.

Colleen is author of the book Let’s Put On A Show: A Guide to Fun and Fundraising for Your Community Organization Published by Allworth Press, New York.